• Conn Wyndell "Wynd"

    Conn Wyndell "Wynd"

    Wildling retainer in the service of House locke since childhood.
  • Devan Mormont

    Devan Mormont

    Tall and lean, Devan is the picture of a young squire of noble birth. His dark brown hair always seems tousled and he watches the world with curious eyes that seem to change from hazel to green depending on the light.
  • Lasham Locke

    Lasham Locke

    Uncle and advisor to the Lord of Talon's Reach
  • Lord Banon Locke

    Lord Banon Locke

    Lord of House Locke
  • Maester Meldrik Locke

    Maester Meldrik Locke

    Maester for House Locke
  • Reynart


    A red priest of R'Hollr, quietly searching for or hiding from destiny. Depends on the day.