Nadia Locke

Daughter of Seton Locke


Age: 20
Gender: Female


Born only a year after her brother Banon, Nadia came into the world at the cost of her mother’s life. Banon was too young to remember their lady mother, but Nadia always felt guilt for her father’s loss. Seton Locke never once blamed the child though. He saw much of his wife’s beauty in her and raised her as best he could to be a proper lady.

When her father passed, Nadia took on the role of lady of the house. Knowing that Banon would need as much help as he could get in the first year of his lordship. That would not be the only sacrifice she would need to make though. Eventually she would need to ensure her brother was married and that she be wed herself. Leaving the latter in the hands of her uncle and maester was a bit frightening, but she knew they would act in the good of the house her father raised.

Nadia Locke

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