Lord Seton Locke

Former Lord of House Locke


Age: 44 (Deceased)
Gender: Male


Seton Locke started his life in the lower ranks of Lord Rickard Stark’s house guard. Minding his senior command and slowly ascending the ranks, he was content with a life of honorable service. When Rickard left for King’s Landing to answer for Brandon’s crimes, Seton was left behind at Winterfell.

Upon the death of his Lord, Seton joined the northern army Eddard rallied against the Targaryen’s. He fought courageously in many battles. At the Battle of the Trident he distinguished himself further when his commander perished early into the fight. Seton took command of his fellow soldiers and continued the flank that his late commander had been assigned. His success was quick and at the cost of very few northern lives.

Following the Trident, Seton was given his own command and saw further victories all the way to the end of Robert’s Rebellion. After the war Seton expected to be returned to his duties. Unknown to him however, Lord Gether, a long time banner man of House Stark, had sided with the Targaryen’s during the rebellion. House Gether controlled the mountainous region north of Winterfell and continued to ship the goods from their mines to King’s Landing even after the North rebelled.

Upon Eddard’s return he gave Lord Gether to northern justice and sent his heirs to the Wall. In his place Eddard granted Seton the title of Lord and the lands Lord Gether once controlled. At the ceremony to bestow these gifts, Seton was also given the blade Starless. A valyrian steel blade with a hilt carved in the likeness of an owl. The sigil of his new born house.

From house guard to Lord of his own people and land, Seton knew that he could not carry the weight on his own. He sent for his brother to join him at Talon’s Reach and set about the search for a wife. He found that love in a marriage his brother arranged with a lady of an elder banner house of Stark. It suited Seton because he loved his lady wife deeply and it suited Lasham because it solidified House Locke’s new place.

Two years later, Seton fathered his first child. Banon, a strong son, that had his mother’s look. A year later his daughter Nadia was born, but at the cost of his wife. Thrown into months of mourning after his bride’s death, Seton found his bed warmed by many women, but none that could mend his broken heart. He had no love for any of them, but when he was presented with a third child by one he embraced the boy as his own.

Red Snow and Banon Locke would be raised as brothers and trained as noble born heirs. In that vein, Seton came to meet and raise Meldrik Locke as the Maester of House Locke. Though the sight of Meldrik could be troubling, Seton knew that to truly see a man you must look beyond his physical appearance and into his soul.

After years of prosperous and peaceful times, House Locke was finally called to serve House Stark once more. Lord Jorah Mormont’s treachery necessitated a ward be taken. Devan Mormont, Jorah’s nephew, was brought to Talon’s Reach at young age and raised alongside Seton’s own children. After serving the house faithfully through early youth, Devon was raised to Lord Seton’s squire.

Near the end of his 44th year Seton fell ill. The disease was unexpected and for all of his training, Meldrik could do nothing, but ease the pain. As Seton lay on his death bed, looking about the room at friends and family, he knew that he had lived a good life. Raising four children to adulthood, building a fledgling house from nothing and serving the Stark’s in all things would be his legacy. When Lord Seton Locke passed all of Talon’s Reach mourned.

Lord Seton Locke

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