House Dannett

House Dannett is a minor Northern house that lays near Moat Caitlan. They have a long history stretching back to Aegon Conquest. They are mainly rivals with House Locke due to a promise of land. Shortly Before Robert’s Rebellion, a landed knight of Dannett blood was promised a stretch of land in the north and a keep. The knight never made it to his claim and died of the bloody flux. He left no direct heirs.

The land lay in disuse until the end of Robert’s Rebellion. House Locke was formed and given this stretch of ice and rock that Dannett had once been owed. Even though no members of the family gave heed of ownership while the lands were there, when Locke was raised to noble status, they began petitioning both The Warden of the North and the King to place control back in the hands of House Dannett. These petitions have failed time and again. It is no secret that members of House Dannett have harried merchants bound for Locke lands along the King’s Road.

Arms : A pomegranate pierced with a red vertical arrow against a grey field.

Words : Eat Bitter, Grow Strong

Members :

Lord Alfric Dannett
Adham Dannett (son)
Iris Dannett (daughter)

Maester Ferris
Edan Ward (master-at-arms)

House Dannett

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